The People

A wealth of experience earned in the email marketing sector ultimately led to the development of Red Circle Digital.

Involved in email since its early stages, we have seen commercial email grow from its wobbling infancy through its bolshie and awkward adolescence, when bigger was better, and onto the adult battles with the young upstarts from the social side of the tracks. Now settling into comfortable adulthood email remains a clever and powerful tool for every marketer’s armory  working alongside the many new strands of marketing as they become available.

For us, the key to success is a happy client. The customer must feel that they are in the hands of experts and that nothing is too much to ask. Red Circle Digital thrives, both as a business and as individuals, on intelligent and lively consultations with our clients and others in the email marketing space. Innovation will always result from discussions.

The Technology

Red Circle Digital provide a scalable and flexible web-based email marketing platform. Sitting behind the technology is a team of developers able to respond rapidly to our customer’s needs. The technology is packed with features and functionality to ensure that even the most complex email programmes are manageable in a simple and robust manner, but our aim is to be a perfect fit for your business, so flexibility is standard for us.

The Challenge

Email Marketing is key to building your brand, winning new business and keeping your existing customers well informed and happy. A virtual lifetime thriving in email service provision reveal one unchanging, underlying thread to this adventure: The Challenge of Deliverability.

In theory the inbox challenge is fairly straightforward: permission, relevance and frequency dictate where your email will spend most of its time. However, as we all understand, the reality is more complex than this. At Red Circle Digital we have combined our experience in the field, together with leading technology, to create a Deliverability Powerhouse.

Our aim is to not only ensure that your messages are seen by as many of your customers as possible, but also to ensure that you too have a full understanding of the email deliverability landscape. This knowledge will feed into your other marketing channels, resulting in fuller and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Why work with us?

At Red Circle Digital we see ourselves as working in partnership with our clients. Their pain is shared with us, likewise gains are a benefit to all parties. It makes sense then that we work to reduce and eliminate the pain points whilst endeavouring to maximise the gains.

You will receive full, in-depth, training on our platform. The extensive training goes hand in hand with dedicated technical, strategic and tactical support provided by our client services team. Our team will be at your side from day one, offering support and guidance, ensuring that you achieve your goals.

Our ultimate goal is to be an extension of your marketing team, never more than a phone call or email away.

  • Full training
  • Dedicated and friendly account management
  • Integration with your current business tools
  • Powerful Marketing Automation
  • Strong database segmentation tools
  • Strategic email programme guidance
  • Powerful and meaningful tracking & reporting
  • Deliverability expertise to maximise inbox placement rates
  • Helping hand for all stages of your campaign, from data selection and template design to landing pages, surveys and more
  • Your email marketing, simplified.