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A new Email Service Provider on the block

Red Circle Digital Ltd – Smarter Email Marketing

The simplicity of email marketing belies its strength. A simple, robust email programme will generate a major ROI for your business. Budget restraints and moving goalposts often mean a lack of resource is available for email within the marketing team, leading to missed opportunities and only basic email programmes being implemented.

At Red Circle Digital our mantra is email simplified. 

With user friendly, powerful email broadcasting solutions and guidance available, everything that you need to run intricate, revenue maximising email programmes is at your disposal.

Extensive experience both in email service provision and client side means that Red Circle Digital knows where the pain points are and work to reduce, and ultimately eliminate these for you. Red Circle Digital knows what works for you and, just as importantly, what doesn’t.

We offer full, in depth, training on our platform. This will put you in the driving seat within a matter of hours. The extensive training goes hand in hand with dedicated technical, strategic and tactical support provided by our client services team.

Red Circle Digital will work alongside you from day one, establishing the goals and aims for your email marketing programme and implementing strategies to achieve these in an optimal manner.

Not ready for full autonomy? Red Circle Digital also provide full service email management, or something in the middle, if you want to retain control but need a helping hand over the first stages.

Our ultimate goal is to be an extension of your marketing team, never more than a phone call or email away.

  • Full training and dedicated account management
  • Integration with your current business tools, to complete the single customer view
  • Powerful Marketing Automation
  • Strong database segmentation tools
  • Strategic email programme guidance
  • Deliverability expertise to maximise inbox placement rates
  • Your email marketing, simplified.

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