Our solution

Our powerful, easy to use Email Marketing solution quickly puts you in control. The transition from a basic email strategy to a nuanced, optimised email marketing programme, delivering the results that you expect to see, is easily managed with Red Circle Digital.

We will be at your side in all stages of your development, with expert advice and guidance ensuring that you get the most out of the technology we make available to you.

Our email marketing solution has a wealth of powerful, intuitive features:

Ease of use

Having the power to take your email marketing to the next level is great, but can be wasted if you don’t know how to best use the features available to you. Red Circle Digital’s solution is simple and intuitive, allowing you to harness the full power of a complex email marketing programme, without the technical headaches usually associated with powerful tools.

Data Segmentation

Effectively managing your database is the building block of all email marketing strategy. Our technology gives you strong data segmentation capabilities, without the need for specific database skills. Ease of data segmentation means that you can build complex programmes, optimising your email deliverability rates.

Marketing Automation

An efficient email programme will have many elements; each stage of the customer lifecycle needs to be carefully managed. To simplify this process, and reduce the resource that is needed to keep on top of the programme, you can build series of triggered emails. Once set up it can with little or no manual intervention required. Results can be monitored and the programme tweaked / updated as and when required, directly from your account.

Detailed and customised reporting suite

Easily keep track of the performance of your campaigns. Monitor the health of your database and your customer’s reactivity. Strong reporting is essential for the efficiency of your email marketing programme. Red Circle Digital’s tools make it easy for you to know what is happening, understand the results and implement any changes that may be necessary for your continued success.

Split Testing

The mantra of email marketing is Test, Test and Test again. In the ever changing digital world it is vital to keep ahead of the curve. There are many factors that will impact on the success of your email marketing, what works perfectly well today may not be the optimal method tomorrow. With our simple multi-variant split test feature you are able to test different factors of your campaign, before you roll out to the entire audience.

  • Subject Line
  • Content
  • Mail From sender
  • Dynamic content elements

Dynamic Content

With any marketing activity a personalised approach will always out perform a generic call out. Our solution has simple to deploy dynamic content, allowing you to deliver content to your customers based on the data that you have acquired from them. From simple personalised salutation through to full bespoke data driven content you can be confident that your customers are receiving the messages that they want to receive.

Deliverability management

Email is a powerful tool, with an excellent ROI. But, resource is tight and Email is still low down in the pecking order in most marketing teams. So it is essential that everything counts in your email programme. The more production time that you can save the more efficient your email marketing will be. Our Deliverability Management suite helps you ensure that your messages will be seen as intended in your customer’s inboxes, without the need to view previews in multiple mailboxes. How does your content rate on the anti-spam filters? Our report will reveal this to you, meaning that you can be confident that when you finally hit the send button, your message will be delivered to the inbox and in tip top shape.


Even with a simple to use system, there may still be a need for deeper integration with some aspects of your email programme and external business tools. Our flexible API tool makes it possible for you to manage these elements, still within your Red Circle Digital account. Integrate with your database for regular updates / synchronisation, connect your CRM directly to your account, and enable your website to communicate with your Red Circle Digital account for more control and flexibility.

A helping hand

We continuously monitor your campaign performance and email marketing results and come to you with specific actionable recommendations and opportunities.  We help to identify those quick wins within your data as well as the longer term goals. We hold regular strategic reviews with all our clients to discuss various aspects of their campaigns, from creative and data to email deliverability. You will probably find us calling you to make suggestions.