“We went through the necessary beauty parade of email service providers when we began the review process last year. We were immediately taken with the ease of use of the Red Circle Digital system. After careful review we chose Red Circle Digital, not just on their system capabilities but also the dedication of their support function. The migration was a seamless process, in fact they made the whole set up as painless as possible, and we were up and running in no time at all.

Fast forward to today and I can honestly say they have stuck to their word, they continue to provide great support and the Red Circle Digital system is quite frankly a breath of fresh air in comparison to our incumbent supplier. To top it all off our our delivery rates and conversion rates have increased over the course of the year. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the Red Circle Digital team. I cannot recommend them highly enough, quite simply it produces great results for us as a graduate recruitment business and they are a fantastic team to work with.

CEO & Founder, Inspiring Interns.

“Intuitive and simple to use, Red Circle Digital’s email marketing solution is packed with great features. The account management, that is part of the service, means that we can make full use of the system whilst making the whole production process more efficient, freeing up resource and, with the help of Red Circle Digital, push our email marketing forward on a strategic level.”

Marketing Manager, Currency UK

“Red Circle Digital’s email system is easy to use even for the most non-technical people, everything is laid out simply and no knowledge of HTML is required to use the system. Red Circle Digital has helped improve our deliverability rate from around 80% up to 97% within three months. Our old email system took over 30 minutes to set up an email campaign, but Red Circle Digital has cut the set up time to around 10 minutes. Our account manager always responds to emails, in a timely fashion, and is incredibly helpful when I am struggling. Our account manager also makes sure we have regular check-ins to discuss how we can further improve our email marketing programme. I am thoroughly impressed with Red Circle Digital’s system and support, which has made my work life so much easier, freeing up so much extra time.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Athene Publishing

“Red Circle Digital continue to provide Timepieces International Inc with a fantastic service and in a professional manner. The team have understood the shortfalls of other email marketing companies and have addressed these with the service they provide. Red Circle Digital have always been on hand to provide a high standard of training, support, and planning which has allowed us to take our email marketing to the next step and I look forward continuing the business relationship into the future. I would highly recommend that any company wishing to undertake email marketing works with Red Circle Digital.”

Operations Director, Timepieces International Inc.

“We started working with Red Circle Digital at the end of 2013 and needed a company based in the UK to help us with our e-mailings to consumers, existing and new hotels around the world. So far they have assisted us with perfecting our newsletters and the training has been fantastic.  They are always on hand to answer any questions we may have! Now we are going to be perfecting the design of our newsletters with our newly re-branded website and we can’t wait to see the results!”

Head of Travel, Chic Collection

“We were looking for a new email marketing partner and met with five, all of whom were personally recommended. Red Circle Digital personally visited our offices and took the time to fully understand our business and our typical customer base. In turn they produced a unique solution to our ever increasing email marketing needs. Without hesitation we decided to sign up. Their expertise and dedicated support have resulted in a siginificant increase in revenues within the first year of using them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Red Circle Digital to anyone looking for a professional email marketing provider.”

Founder & Business Development Director, Digimobjobs

 ”As a high volume mailer, we had a tough brief, which required both excellent service and a robust platform. In a short period of time the team at Red Circle Digital team have delivered excellent service and got to grips with our business quickly. Always available when needed and providing a deep level of expertise in the email marketing field, we are very happy with the relationship and the delivery we are achieving.”

CEO, Unite Marketing

“We recently signed up with Red Circle Digital. From the word go, they have been very professional and accommodating to our specific needs. The set up process went very smoothly, the training was really useful and we are very happy with the results we are getting from our campaigns. They have been exceptionally helpful and are speedy to respond to any support queries. Would not hesitate in recommending.”

Commercial Director, Cognisoft